Games Mighty Action Heroes

Unleash mayhem in the world’s mightiest action movie-inspired battle royale. Join a war torn arena of badass mercs and dodge bullets, hurl grenades, and call in the chopper. Destroy the competition in the time it takes to scarf a slice of pizza, and be the last one standing on the battlefield– but first in the leaderboards. When the dust settles, craft chaos-inducing Gadgets and unlock Perks to power up thousands of collectible heroes in a thriving on-chain universe. Don’t just be a hero, be a Mighty Action Hero!

Mighty Action Heroes
  • Chain(s)
  • Developed ByMighty Bear Games
  • Game StatusFull Release
  • Platforms
  • Total Volume
  • Genres
    Battle RoyaleAction AdventureShooterFree to Play
  • Player Info
    Massively Multiplayer (10+)
  • Competitive Framework

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