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The Beacon

The Beacon is a fast-paced, action-heavy fantasy roguelite RPG, that will incorporate MMO-like social gameplay and NFTs. Players traverse through progressively harder dungeons, hone their reflexes slaying enemy monsters, explore the world with friends, and participate in the economy with their NFT loot.

The game is currently in development but you can already venture into dungeons, loot NFTs, build your home and chat with NPCs in the tavern!

Players with a Founding Character can fully experience the game and get some extra benefits such as: being able to drop special loot in partner events, get a special PFP, being able to earn Lux Shards (a form of currency earned by completing dungeons and challenges coming up soon) among other quality of life benefits.

The Beacon
  • Chain(s)
  • Developed BySkillcap Studio
  • Game StatusPrototype
  • Platforms
  • Total Volume
  • Genres
    RoguelikeFree to PlayRPG
  • Player Info
    Single PlayerMassively Multiplayer (10+)Multiplayer (1-10)
  • Competitive Framework

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