Games Smithonia

Smithonia is a captivating 2D isometric MMO RPG, developed by Smithy DAO, where dark fantasy meets the vibrant world of NFTs. Step into a mystical realm where players can hang out, socialize, and proudly showcase their unique character NFTs. Prepare to battle fierce waves of monsters, claiming vast lands as your own while you ascend in power and glory. Unwind after a day of conquest in the inviting tavern, where you can engage in riveting dungeon crawler card games with fellow adventurers. Embark on meticulously crafted and procedurally generated AI dungeon quests, delivering an immersive text-based narrative that promises a unique experience with every play. Smithonia isn't just a game; it’s a thriving, interconnected world where your actions carve out your legacy. Are you ready to write your chapter in the epic saga of Smithonia?

  • Chain(s)
  • Developed ByAnimus Labs
  • Game StatusMinigame
  • Platforms
  • Total Volume
  • Genres
    RPGAction AdventureDeck Builder
  • Player Info
    Massively Multiplayer (10+)
  • Competitive Framework

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