Games Power Plins

Power Plins is a game about delicious pancakes and fearsome bosses! Craft pancakes, feed them to boss monsters and get epic loot! The game is aimed at new as well as experienced players. A simple game on the outside, but with strategic depth and many choices on the inside!

Find your own play style, develop strategies to climb the leaderboard and earn the best rewards, maximize your value as a crafter, staker or co-op player or try your luck in the shrine! Climb the ranks during 10 day boss cycles and earn epic rewards. From legendary ingredients to shiny boss cards and cycle specific rewards which can include popular Treasure and Trove ecosystem NFTs, $MAGIC and more!

Power Plins
  • Chain(s)
  • Developed ByIndependent
  • Game StatusFull Release
  • Platforms
  • Total Volume
  • Genres
    Resource ManagementSimulation
  • Player Info
    Massively Multiplayer (10+)Single PlayerMultiplayer (1-10)
  • Competitive Framework

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