Pioneer Kaiju Champions League


Pioneer Kaiju Champions League

A Kaiju Cards Competition For Everyone

This 3-week long tournament will run alongside the Pioneer Event and Pioneer Kaiju Mint. Leagues and prizes are designed to encourage and reward both collectors and skilled players. If you’re both a collector and skilled player then you’re positioned to dominate!

High Score League: Earn points by making it through the map and doing well. If you’re a skilled tactician who wants to flex their run scores, this is for you! Top 50 in this category get a prize.

Collectors League: This category is for Kaiju collectoooors. Placement is determined by the # of Kaiju a player owns and their rarity. Top 10 in this category get a prize.


September 20th - October 11th Leaderboards reset every week.

A Magical Prize Pool

  • $3000 in $MAGIC across 3 weeks✨
  • Legendary Kaiju
  • Treasure Chests full of rare toys, rings and other stat enhancing equipment

Prize Breakdown (Per Week!)

High Score

1st - Legendary Pioneer Kaiju & $300 in $Magic 2nd - Epic Pioneer Kaiju & $150 in $Magic 3rd - Epic Pioneer Kaiju & $50 in $Magic 4th - Rare Pioneer Kaiju 5th - Rare Pioneer Kaiju 6th - Uncommon Pioneer Kaiju 7th - Uncommon Pioneer Kaiju 8th - Common Pioneer Kaiju 9th - Common Pioneer Kaiju 10th - Common Pioneer Kaiju 11-19 - Uncommon Lootbox 20 - 50 - Common Lootbox


1st - Legendary Pioneer Kaiju & $300 in $Magic 2nd - Epic Pioneer Kaiju & $150 in $Magic 3rd - Epic Pioneer Kaiju & $50 in $Magic 4th - Epic Pioneer Kaiju 5th - 10th - Rare Pioneer Kaiju

Earn Pioneer Badges

Pioneer Kaiju Champions League Badges

If leaderboard tournaments aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we got you. Earn Treasure badges exclusive to the Pioneer Event just by completing certain tasks in the game.

Earn Badges for:

  • Buying Kaiju
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Reaching Battle Pass lvl 50


This is an open access tournament - anyone can play and be eligible to win! Note: In order to claim prizes including $MAGIC and badges at the end, you must claim a TreasureTag.

Claim your Tag: (or by clicking the sign-up button above)

The tournament starts on Wednesday, September 20th!

Play the game at

Register by Wed October 11th, 2023 @ 6:00 PM (deadline passed) to be eligible for prizes.

Participants: -

Winners: -


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