The Battle for Blightfell


The Battle for Blightfell

Come one, come all... to The Battle for Blightfell!!

Compete daily in the Top Score and Speed Run Leaderboards.

1,200 Loot Boxes are on the line!

Featuring 10 days of individual leaderboards on 10 extra-spicy maps, reset everyday at 16:00 UTC.

Go show the Blight who's boss.


Tournament: April 17th -- April 27th (16:00 UTC) Registration ends on April 23rd (16:00 UTC)


These are Daily Prizes for both the Top Score and Speed Run Leaderboards

  • 1st: 5 Legendary Loot Boxes
  • 2nd: 4 Legendary Loot Boxes
  • 3rd: 3 Legendary Loot Box
  • 4th: 2 Legendary Loot Boxes
  • 5th: 1 Legendary Loot Box
  • 6th - 10th: 1 Epic Loot Box
  • 11th - 25th: 1 Rare Loot Box
  • 25th - 50th: 1 Uncommon Loot Box

Register by Tue April 23rd, 2024 @ 4:00 PM (deadline passed) to be eligible for prizes.

Participants: -

Winners: -


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